United Conveyor Air Pollution Control Splitter

DSI In-Line Splitter

The UCC DSI In-Line Splitter provides even sorbent distribution to each injection port for high pollutant removal and reliable operation in a Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) system. Our proprietary insert promotes this even distribution of material into the splitter lines, minimizing dead area and preventing build-up. In addition, a proprietary material flow straightener is used to ensure fully suspended flow to the splitter for even distribution and reduced risk of plugging. A manual or automatic push/pull system is used to clear plugs should they develop in the splitter lines. Temperature variances, indication a plug is forming, are detected through surface mounted resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), which initiate the purge cycle. Our modular design can be configured to either an upward or downward vertical split. UCC splitters are shipped pre-piped and pre-wired to reduce field assembly and installation costs.


  • Enhanced splitter pipe design entrains material in the center of the pipe for reduced wear
  • Modular cast insert allows even material distribution into splitter lines and minimizes risk of plugging
  • Even flow distribution with a proprietary flow straightener optimizes sorbent contact with flue gas, increasing pollutant removal
  • Automated Push/Pull Purge Cycle
    • Unique push/pull cycle removes plugs instead of compacting them as seen in non-UCC DSI systems
    • Surface mounted RTDs measure temperature data and detect plugs more accurately than pressure sensors found in non-UCC systems
  • Modular, Single frame design
  • Proven with multiple types of sorbent
    • Trona, hydrated lime, activated carbon, and sodium bicarbonate