Top 5 Reasons Coal-Fired Utilities Should Consider UCC-Evoqua Teamed WWT Solutions

United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) and Evoqua Water Technologies (Evoqua) have teamed up to provide sustainable wastewater treatment solutions for Coal-Fired Power Plants that are designed to meet ELG/CCR compliance and plant-specific discharge requirements.

Many factors and upstream processes influence the contaminants found in wastewater. Therefore, each UCC-Evoqua technical solution is engineered to meet the specific needs of the plant. Our performance-based technology and extensive industry experience allow us to efficiently manage system integration and performance. Our commitment to quality is backed by thousands of hours of development, testing, and evaluation.

Coal-Fired utilities seeking solutions to meet compliance requirements should consider UCC/Evoqua for:

  1. UCC and Evoqua’s intimate knowledge of reglation compliance requirements.
  2. A combined portfolio of innovative and cost-conscious treatment solutions.
  3. Proven industry experience and project execution infrastructure and capabilities to meet power customer expectations
  4. Industry leading performance guarentees.
  5. Best-in-class post commissioning support.
For more information on UCC-Evoqua Teamed WWT Solutions, please contact:
David Donkin - WWT Technology Manager
United Conveyor Corporation

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