Mercury Mitigation Sorbent

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UCC Environmental has partnered with Carbonxt to offer oxidizing Powdered Activated Carbons (PACs) for the removal of mercury in emissions control applications.

Our combined expertise in PACs and Activated Carbon Injection (ACI) equipment and/or ash handling system operation, provides a holistic solution that simplifies our Customers’ efforts to comply with emissions control regulations.

Carbonxt offers customized PACs that are engineered with the flexibility to meet unique plant requirements in the most economical manner. Their innovative technology and manufacturing processes are extremely versatile, allowing each PAC product to be customized specifically around the plants unique needs. Each of Carbonxt’s CXT™ PAC product families can be enhanced with a proprietary additive and/or an extremely low percentage of bromine for enhanced oxidation and optimal sorbent performance.

CXT PAC Benefits

  • Alleviates corrosion to the ductwork and equipment
  • Lower injection rates
  • Injection tailored to meet plant needs
  • State-of-the-Art Laboratory
  • Continuous advancements and solutions for compliance

Performance Specs

Carbonxt PACs have been proven to perform better than or equal to other leading mercury sorbents in head-to-head tests. In many cases, they outperform brominated PACs with the use of little to no bromine or other halogen. The CXT family of products can be optimized for the specific application to minimize injection rates and costs for the end user. In most cases, this includes the addition of Carbonxt’s proprietary, non-corrosive additive to aid in mercury oxidation. Testing is encouraged to quantify results and economics, as well as to help optimize the product for the application.

Please contact your local UCC Representative for more information.